Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Taiwan 7D6N trip - DAY 1 - Yang Ming Shan

This post actually is being in my draft for almost a year but i feel i want to publish it no matter what..

Me and my family has been traveled to Taiwan from 17 ~ 23 March 2017 (and now is December 😂) with Golden Tourworld Travel (GTT) (TAIWAN FLORA TOUR) and the price is around RM3500 per person.

Day 1 - 17 March 2017 (Taoyuan - Taipei - Taoyuan)


Ready for group check in
Our group is made up of 4 families of 16 members in there's plenty of space left in the bus later on
poor girl, need to wake up at 3am and catch a 6am flight
nugget for the good girl

 We are on flight and we are flying with China Air

Breakfast on plane
Lasagna (look not appetizing & taste not good also)😣

This one is slightly better, is like Rendang but not that spicy
While people is busy eating, this girl is busy sleeping
Hello, im awake!

1st time on flight, peeking here and there
It looks quite hazy but is actually dew from the low temperature down there, the temperature which i remember is around 14~20℃

We had arrive to our destination. TAO YUAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. it takes us around 4 hour of flight to reach here.

The 1st stop, Hi-Life convenience store, located at the bottom part of the airport lobby.
Upon arrival to Tao Yuan Airport, lunch and dinner is not included, so we do need to feed our self and our Taiwanese tour guide bring us here. We grab some onigiri and bread.
Lets take a look around this shop, honestly, i feel like wanna grab everything in the shop...everything looks special and nice in this shop and this kinda shop is everywhere in Taiwan.

Hot breads and sausages on a chilly weather is 👍
关东煮 Kanto Cooking (Steamed skewer) in clear soup or spicy soup base.

and so so much variety of drinks
Credit to Miss Mabel for the pictures, i didnt manage to capture any image of the shop because im very occupied with my kids and luggage ☹

After all of us buy what we want and we moved to the buses where the driver is parked outside the airport.

This is our Mr tour guide. He is a very friendly and also caring person. He takes care all of us for the whole week and will prepare us some hearty hot taiwanese tea every morning, and he also bough us fruit which he planted himself. ☺☺

He is a very good tour guide. Highly recommended and above here is his contact

Lets look around...Taiwan view from the bus

i like this kind of kampung kampung feel eh

is very cold out there

The fly-over is very very very high

petrol station
Add caption

for construction, they block it with wood instead of net like our Boleh-land

basically, FamilyMart is everywhere. Is like a 5 minute walk there's 1

 And we almost arrive to Yang Ming Shan for flower viewing

police station

I only saw orangy colored maple leaf and i never saw greens one
The very 1st Sakura we saw
The electric boxes is so cute

We had arrive to our 1st day destination...


we gonna climb up to the pagoda later

Mr Terminator Wong

run baby run

Behind The Scene 💦

Time to hike hike up to the pagoda

My Mr Boss


and we are down...while waiting for the others going to the toilet, let us have some selfies and also FOOD

 and these are some folwers picture i took while wondering around the park...

And shoo, we are going back to our hotel and dinner is not included...which means, we need to find food our self..lets go~~~!

This is our 1st night hotel...FULLON HOTEL JHONGLI located at Tao Yuan city...there is lots of food and shop quite convenient for night explorer like us...and never mention, their room is ginormous...they have tubs in their bathroom. Not like others hotel we went later on...The tour guide told us that the land in Tao Yuan is slightly cheaper than Taipei and Taichung, so the room are bigger here...

Okay, once all settle down, bathe and also sort off our luggage, we went for food explore and also simply walk around.

so this is actually what happen outside the hotel that time...they claim they re doing some construction MRT related.

so actually our hotel is located at Zhong Zheng Road Tao Yuan City. I googled (sorry, i have no extra hand to snap picture along the road) and the night life is kinda happening here...they have mini night markets which is fill with clothes and also food.

see, theres alot to shop for (credit)
and this is what we had for that night...Taiwan Train Bento

Stir Fried Beef rice
Pork Chop Rice
Pig intestine oyster mee sua
sweet peanut soup
Hot Herbal jelly soup
Never in my life i drank this hot herbal jelly my 1st time have it in Taiwan and this is the 1st shop...and now i fall in love with it, ill drank this at least twice a month in Malaysia. Guys, if you  guys never tried before, you guys can find it in any local Taiwanese desert shop in Malaysia which i know they have in Pavilion KL's Snow Flake and i always have it in Yam Fresh Kepong.

Other than the above few, they sell Famous Taiwanese Giant Chicken Chop.

This shop is actually their local famous shop...Most of the locals ate here and also take away.

This is the rice section

and theres a few stall sticked together....from rice, meesua,chicken chop to sweet soup...

Okay, day 1 end and see you guys at the next chapter...